PINK 5 Houston

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The 5th PINK Concussions Summit - #PINK5 - will hosted as a full day track on Friday, March 17, 2017, at North American Brain Injury Society's NABIS + 31st Conference Legal Issues in Brain Injury Conference in Houston, Texas.



The full day of sessions will provide cutting edge scientific research on female brain injury, and updated training with clinical considerations for the medical providers (Plus add-on the target audience, etc) while stimulating conversation and collaboration among researchers working in the field. Emphasis will be placed on a multidisciplinary approach in the management of female patients with brain injury from acute care through to community re-entry and beyond.

Beyond reviewing female brain injury research, PINK 5 sessions will continue the discussion for more TBI research with sex/gender considerations. and to increase awareness of female brain injury in the medical community, the general public and the sports community.

Topics to Include:

  • Injury Rates in Female Life Span
  • Female TBI in Sports, Domestic Violence, Accidents and Military Service
  • Sex Differences in Diagnosis & Assessment 
  • Sex Differences Inflammation & Imaging 
  • Sex and Gender Differences in Treatment, Rehab and Family Support 
  • The Physiology of Concussion and the Female Athlete
  • Return to School and Sports for Girls
  • Return to Work For Women
  • Post Concussion Syndrome in Females
  • Outcomes and Re-injury for Women and Girls
  • Sex & Gender Factors in Female Brain Injury Research in the Past, Present & Future